Chiara Ariè

Ariè is an important singer in Italy. She wrote and produced a song“ Semplice”,  It has reached the 12th position in the Italian top ten chart 2016, (disc of the week), with more than 800 daily rotations on radios and on 80 TV channels; media talked about it with interviews, press release, magazines and networks. That success was produced by a label record “ First Line Studio”.  After the song Ariè was a special guest for the most important Italian music festival in the summer 2016.

Thanks of this success She makes a big tour in the main Italian cities and also Ibiza and Sao Paulo, in Brazil. She sing in five different languages as Italian, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Chiara Ariè produce an International Music Contest show “Summer Festival”, (auditions organization , judge during the admissions, regional half- finals and national finals). She is Vocal Coach from 5 years; she form new talents, following them during their way (recording song and following in the music contests show).

Chiara Ariè started a new project in January 2017 with her new song called “ A DOMANI ”  (See you tomorrow) with a EMI music and RAI producer Gianni Testa in Italy.

She produce with her company Ariè Production in Italy  Beauty pageant  Mrs and Miss Perfect Lady .

Italian singer - producer in Italy and co producer in America

 Mrs and Miss Perfect lady