Darena was born in Kyrgyzstan. She finished music

school in Russia, and she took Music Recording class in

Texas. Dj Darena was invited to be a judge in talent

competition for "Voldo Production" in 2012.

In California, Darena played as a DJ on different Red

Carpet events such as movie premiers, festivals, fashion

shows. In 2014, she produced and wrote a song "Feeling

Happy" with Gemini Music (producer/sound engineer for

top artists in the world, such as Justin Bieber, Snoop

Dog, Justin Timberlake, etc)  and talented singer Jesse

Jam Miranda. This song opened our show "Mrs. Perfect

Lady USA" in 2016. According to Google, Yahoo, Bing,

and other search engines, Darena made the "Best

French Dance Song" in 2012 and 2013. She was on the

first place there. They published her on many

international websites including firs places and pages,


In 2015, DJ Darena also became MC host and sound

engineer for fundraising shows.

DJ Darena proudly presents her name. She was the first

person in the world on Google "Darena" search for few

years in a row.


DJ Darena

       Our Music Director (2016/2017)

       Celebrity DJ/Composer (2016/2017)

       Web designer (2016/2017)

       Video Editor (2016)